Welcome! My name is Kristin (with an I). 

I am a rising senior at Penn State University, studying Journalism and Spanish with a minor in Sports Journalism.

I have a passion for writing and I credit curiosity as my guide.

In the wide-subjective-world of personality tests, I am a Type 3w2 Enneagram and an ENFP on Meyers-Briggs. 

Upon meeting me, I would probably parade you with a million questions as I have found that to be my intrinsic way to bond. You’ll probably walk away either embracing or fearing my crackhead energy. 

I am a lover of all things manifestation, positivity and potential. 

Most importantly, I believe in YOU. You can laugh, but I genuinely do. I think you are made up of the most unique energy that will never be created twice on this earth, and not capitalizing on that does everyone a grand injustice. I started this small platform to help inspire and draw my own inspiration. I love learning from others and projecting that information to all who hear—the beauty of community. I hope you stick around for the ride as we journey to uncover the best versions of ourselves. 

Expect some ramblings, college advice, travel tips, self-improvement techniques and everything in between! 

Hope you stick around. 

With love,

Kristin Rose


About Me

About Me


WELCOME! My name is Kristin. I am a college student, lover of all things self-improvement, travel and have assumed the role as your new ultimate hype-man! I am here to ROOT for you, encourage you to try something NEW and help you tap into YOUR potential! I hope you decide to stay awhile Read More

With Love, Kristin Rose


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