A Better 2021, Please.

January 11, 2021 in Blog, Self Improvement - 6 min read

Let’s start the year off with a fun fact.

New Year’s resolutions date back to ancient times! People have always viewed the New Year as an exciting time for self-betterment. In 2000 B.C., the Babylonians celebrated the New Year by making promises of good behavior for the year ahead. Each Jan. 1, Roman temples were a place for peace, safety and a space where resolutions could be shouted. During the Medieval Times, knights would renew their vow to chivalry by placing their hands on a peacock— a resolution to maintain their knighthood. And by the 17th century, resolutions were so common that people found humor in the idea of making and breaking pledges.

I love the reflective aspect of New Year’s Eve, and the collective hope everyone has going into the next day. It seems as though generations and civilizations before have thought the same.

Me in Madrid living blissfully pre-craziness!

As much as I would love to delve deep down into the dark hole that is 2020, I am laying the year to rest. After a cathartic conversation with a friend, we both agreed that as confusing, painful and depressing this year was, it was oddly refreshing, empowering and eye-opening. 2020 gave us all a new layer of thick skin, manifested in different ways. I pray that no matter the size of your struggle this year, it was not enough to break your spirit or discourage you from believing you are capable, loved or worthy.

It was hard to sit down and write goals for the coming year, especially after a year of a lot of hurt and stagnation. Last year, I was so enthusiastic about a new decade and all of the exciting things I had planned for my personal growth and professional development. But, I will affirm now more than ever it is crucial to activate your positive thoughts, change your words and manifest a better year for yourself.

Here are my New Year’s resolutions. I hope they inspire you.

Social: Be a Better Friend
A friend I gained in 2020

I will be a better friend. I will check on the people in my circle more often. I will remind them how much they mean to me. I will offer a helping hand. I will show up for them. I will not be nervous to reach out and ask if something is wrong. I will never have them guess if I care for them. My friends will feel comfortable confiding in me. They will get excited about their dreams with me. I will be a safe space and never turn down/gaslight a single problem they approach me with. I will celebrate their unique characteristics and continuously remind them of their worth.

I am also challenging myself to be more patient with my family. In 2020, I developed stronger relationships with some family members that I want to continue without being quick to get irritated or angry— family can induce that response LOL.

Personal Branding: Grow the Blog
My podcast!

This passed year, my blog grew by 800 followers and 125 monthly readers! I have struggled to be consistent with this blog because of mental barriers, but we’re climbing them this year. I really want to showcase my strengths as both a journalist and a friend to help others believe in themselves and live intentional lives. I have also hesitated publishing my podcast, but it will be the first thing on my 2021 agenda. My podcast is centered around intentional conversations about the world and life in general. I envision creating a safe forum for anyone to speak on a topic they are passionate about, and helping find common ground in a world pulling us apart. More to come. I promise.

I also want to extend my reach to different multimedia platforms. Let’s see what this blog can do in 2021!

Fitness/Health: Be an Athlete

In 2021, I want to feel like an athlete again. This resolution makes me upset when I reflect with a nostalgic lens. I haven’t felt like an athlete or strong since my third knee surgery. I don’t want my life experiences to cloud or make me forget what I was/am capable of achieving. I want to train hard, prioritize my health and love my strong body. I want to find the exercises/group fitness classes that give me that competitive feeling again. Maybe it means getting my group fitness certification!

I also recognize that feeling like an athlete again means nourishing my body with the right nutrition and limiting my alcohol intake. I want to be mindful of this in a healthy way. I have found so much joy in cooking and sharing meals this year. I want to put out more content inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Educational: Get my Degree

This May, I am set to graduate if all goes according to plan! I have always valued higher education and romanticized about the day I would get my degree— ask my parents LOL.

When I committed to Penn State <3

In 2020, world events reaffirmed my dream of going to law school! I am on pace to take the LSAT in August, but I think I want to be a journalist for a few years before applying. I am manifesting a 170 and some serious discipline to adhere to my not-so-fun study schedule.

Spiritual: Church Every Sunday

I feel my best when I am connected to my faith. I feel more patient, kind, generous, joyful and empathetic when my week begins with mass on Sunday. I want to hold myself to a higher spiritual standard this year so in turn I can be a better human.

Personal: Up My Self-Care Game

Oof, this went out the window this year. I think I wore sweatpants for 330/365 days this year.

No more.

Although I love the comfort of sweatpants, I don’t like the discomfort of not feeling confident and put together. With my virtual internship this semester, I want to be intentional about waking up early, having myself a morning, doing my makeup, putting on my favorite business casual outfits to grind. When I feel confident and beautiful, I do my best work.

Self-care for me also means making time for the things I love, and saying no to the things that don’t serve me. I love reality television and reading. I will unapologetically watch the last season of the Kardashians and the seasons of the Bachelor this year, guilt-free! I also will be sticking to my 2021 reading list— check here for reference!

Financial: Become Financially Literate

I don’t know anything about this field, but I am grateful to be dating a financial advisor haha! I know financial literacy is critical, especially entering the job market in 2021. In the coming year, I want to make smart financial decisions and learn about multiple streams of income.

Musical: Pick up the Viola!!!!!!
My first concert solo!

A piece of my heart has been missing since I left my viola in my best friends car four years ago. There was always so much light surrounding this instrument. I neglected the viola at the darkest point of my life. This year, I want to reclaim that part of me and my love for playing music. Sad fact: I never played in my last concert, despite being first chair.

Every time I go to church, I feel my hands playing along to the orchestra. I know I am supposed to pick it up again, no matter how painful that first step may be.

Here’s to 2021!!! You conquered 2020. You can conquer anything.

Be mindful not to write off the year if an unfortunate circumstance happens within the first month or so. You are so strong, so capable and so deserving of reaching and exceeding any bar you set for yourself. Stay disciplined. Keep your goals written and in front of you. I’m praying for you and cheering you on!

Thank you all for supporting me in 2020. I’m glad you’re here.

Love always,

Kristin <3


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