Life Update: Where My Head Has Been.

June 13, 2020 in Blog - 3 min read

Over the course of the last three months, I have felt incredibly out of alignment.

I think we can all agree it hasn’t been the easiest course navigating through a global pandemic and a very important social movement. I know a lot of you can probably pinpoint my lack in posting content that promote both of those, and not that I feel like I owe an explanation for my own personal social media choices; I want to write about what has been heavy on my heart. After all, my blog is my cathartic outlet.

I am tired. I have been so tired since March 13th. I have been overwhelmed. With each passing day, I have felt physical discomfort that has made communicating with others difficult. Firstly, I digress.

I study journalism. Which essentially means, I have given my soul to finding truth. I have placed all of my affections in promoting that truth— even if ugly. Journalists are the watchdogs of the public, meaning we are thought to be more “ethical” than your congressman, celebrity crush and problematic, wall street uncle. But, it is not always the case. Any institution promoted by man is flawed.

The media is owned by the same eight large corporations: Fox Corporation, The Walt Disney Company (which includes the ABC, ESPN, FX and Disney brands), National Amusements (which owns ViacomCBS), Comcast (which owns NBCUniversal), AT&T (which owns WarnerMedia), Discovery, Inc., E. W. Scripps Company, Cablevision (now known as Altice USA), or some combination thereof. Which means the narratives you hear—true or false—are merited because they occupy the largest space. 

Often times, either is pushing an agenda or motivated by competition, therefore putting out information pre-maturely. As a consumer, sifting through this can be extremely difficult—queue the source of my lethargy. Just think of all the news you have consumed over the last three months and how many rejections, rewrites and wrong findings have been unleashed as a result of those two malpractices.

Then, think of all the harmful and sensationalized headlines. We learn day one in Journalism 101, that 80% of people do not read passed a headline. Then, we are taught to use your laziness to our greatest advantage. An entire written news piece is psychologically structured with the most attention-grabbing information in the beginning. We know where you’ll start to dose off. We know what to put towards the end.

But, I felt drawn today to tell you different. I want you to take your voice back—regardless of tone, belief or personal creed. 

Your journey through navigating this world is personal. It’s through YOUR lens—it’s powerful. What you see, retain, feel, process, touch and seek is always going to be driven by your view on the world and where you see change needed. I encourage you not to be discouraged if how you feel does not look 100% like someone else.

 My account is centered around positivity and intentionality and that is how I actively choose to see this world. I also challenge myself to process the world objectively, and often times it renders me slow to having an opinion on anything—and overwhelmed. I completely understand that others in my circle and my family do not share this same view. I completely understand if you have disagreed with how I have gone about things in the past, based on my perspective.

Something I have reminded myself constantly during this time: Kristin, do not be quick to speak, but be fast to listen. Just as you hold your truth, others can hold a different one filled with passion and fervor too, and that is OKAY.

I believe the best education is through one another. The best education is personal. It takes time. It will never be force-fed. It is more than a CNN broadcast or a FOX late-night talk show. The best education is actively seeking, modifying and sharing YOUR truth. I believe the best journalism is through those who are NOT journalists— Yes, I may have just slammed my own career. 

Put yourselves in your neighbors shoes. Challenge yourselves to see the world through the eyes of another—BOTH ways. Then, learn to love. Be kind with your rhetoric.   

If you need a break from social media, take it. You know you best.

I apologize to anyone who disagrees. But this is my truth. I like to believe it is just as valid as yours. 


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