Study Abroad Diaries Week V: Guide to Barcelona

February 27, 2020 in Blog, Travel - 4 min read

Guide to Barcelona.

Barcelona has always been my #1 favorite city. A gorgeous, lively, cultural city by the beach? Incredibly hard to top. The air is so crisp and clean— a constant, natural reminder that life is good.

Places to Go

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia: The best thing I have seen, done, toured and witnessed in my entire life. I can comfortably and confidently give this holy place that superlative. It is beyond incredible. Gaudí absolutely runs Barcelona, but he leads with such a divine moral compass. He never saw his masterpiece even near completion, but he left blueprints for how it must be finished. Everything is so methodically and carefully thought out. Ugh, just go see it. The audio tour will probably leave you in tears, even if you don’t associate yourself with religion. The colors, the forest imagery, the story of Jesus and the holy family will leave you speechless. Gaudi believed that no mans creation should go higher than that made my God.  I will most definitely be returning in 2026 (the 100th anniversary of his death) to see this completed masterpiece. 

Park Güell Views

Park Güell: Another thanks we can give to Mr. Antonio Gaudí. This is where the Cheetah Girls were at! The majority of the park is free. It’s peaceful, very walkable and a great place to check out art. Gaudi’s modernism architecture takes a distinct “curved” form, very different from the gothic architecture around the city. Park Güell is the the Catalan home where nature and architecture merge—harmoniously. 

Arc de Triomf: Built in 1888, this Arc opens the gates to the Parc de la Ciutadella. Another great photo opp. The park is lined by palm trees, open spaces, amazing food places and street performers. I was cheering so loud for this one mans that he pulled me up. So, I guess I street performed in Barcelona? Bucket list. A really awesome area to take in the culture of the city and to feel the strong Spanish sun, just before making your way to the beach.

La Boquería

La Boquería: The most electric market you could step into. Gelato, jamón, candy, nuts, fish, churros, crêpes, you name it!!! Everything is here and sectioned off nicely. Impossible to go in and not buy something. You’ll want to try everything. The gelato is elite. Ferrero Rocher all the way.

LA PLAYA: The beach. It is what you did not know you needed before you had it. Barceloneta beach is where we hit up, the beach most of the tourists go. This is where the nightclubs are along, too. There are awesome restaurants and cafes along the beach. Street vendors sell really nice tapestries, which I recommend buying for the beach! I had a man asked me if I was interested in doing hard drugs, so maybe do not walk along the beach at 2 a.m. for your own safety.

Places To Eat

Did not have a bad meal. 

Brunch and Cake

Brunch and Cake: I dare say I have never seen more perfectly curated food in my entire life. They have just about anything your heart desires. PLUS CAKE. I got the breakfast burrito. Never in my life did I think a burrito could be gorgeous… but Brunch and Cake did just that. This is a Barcelona foodie must-stop. 

Maka-Maka: Went here on Valentine’s Day for a little self-love, burgers and mojitos! Awesome ambiance. Great throwback music. You can even personalize a wooden utensil to tack onto the walls. Definitely get the parmesan truffle fries. 10/10.

El Arbol: A popular café by the Arc! Very earthy vibe inside, which I suppose the name implies. I got the eggs benedict—yummy. My friends both got desserts and lattes that they LOVED.


Mojo: This was my self-love café haven. The walls were filled with glowing, motivational quotes and a bright ambiance. I love when furniture matches a vibe.  We got some avo toast! And of course, some nutella toast for dessert.

7 Portes

7 Portes: PAELLA. I was dreaming about this so I was on the hunt for the best. I got the traditional large paella all-to-myself. Definitely a very classy restaurant and I definitely should not have worn a crop top and going out shoes, but regardless, yummy. 

Some Random Lebanese Hut Next To The Marriott: Late-night food. Better than the halal guys. Don’t kill me. Incredible. 

When I first got to college, I had wanted to study abroad in Barcelona. BUT! Fun Fact, the main language in Barcelona is actually Catalan. It’s like a mix of Castellano and French. No one else speaks it outside of Catalan. So, if any one of the autonomous communities were to divert and leave Spain, the merit goes out to Barcelona and its constituents. 

Barca, the only thing you pick-pocketed was my heart. 


Kristin xoxo


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